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About the Conference

In 2013 it will be just 50 years from the time when the Carpatho-Balkan Geomorphological Commission (CBGC) was founded. In September 1963, the Department of Geomorphology and Hydrology of Mountains and Uplands of the Institute of Geography of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences organized the International Symposium on Geomorphology of the Carpathians, which started in Krakow, continued in the form of the excursion from Poland to Slovakia and finished in Bratislava.

The main objective of the CBGC from its beginning was to provide a platform not only for the exchange of knowledge and experience concerning the geomorphic research of the Carpatho-Balkan mountain system and adjacent depressions, but also for the solving of common research tasks. Its members had become Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. In 1967 Studia Geomorphologica Carpatho-Balcanica journal focussing on all aspects of the relief evolution of the Carpathian-Balkan system was founded.

Presidents of the Commission were Mieczyslaw Klimaszewski (1963-1978), Emil Mazúr (1978-1987), Zoltán Pinczés (1987-1998), Dan Bãlteanu (1998-2003), Miloš Stankoviansky (2003-2007) and Dénes Lóczy (2007-2013). Key meetings were held in Sofia (1966), Bucureºti (1970), Budapest (1975), Prešov (1982), Debrecen (1987), Bãile Herculane-Orºova (1998), Bratislava (2003), Pécs (2007) and Ostravice (2011).

In 2005 the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) approved its new working group, namely the Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Regional Working Group (CBDRWG) for the tenure 2005-2009 (chair: Miloš Stankoviansky). Its operation within the IAG was prolonged for the next tenure 2009-2013. Its member states are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. As member countries of the IAG CBDRWG are at the same time also actual members of the CBGC, the study area of the original CBGC was broadened by the Dinarides. The main result of the cooperation of geomorphologists within the CBGC and IAG CBDRWG member countries is the book monograph “Recent Landform Evolution. The Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Region” (editors: Dénes Lóczy, Miloš Stankoviansky and Adam Kotarba), published by Springer in 2012. Eleven of twelve member countries took part in its preparation.

The jubilee Carpatho-Balkan-Dinaric Conference on Geomorphology in Stará Lesná, held in the year of the half-a-century anniversary of the founding of the CBGC as well as in the last year of operation of the IAG CBDRWG, is organized (similarly as the foundation conference 50 years ago) by both Slovak and Polish geomorphologists.